Medical Services

Medical Aid

FIRST ASSIST makes agreements with insurance and assistance companies in many countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, White Russia, Moldavia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia; and provides medical services via its own network with its professional staff.

Case Management

Our insured customers are redirected to the relative health institution within 15 minutes once they have applied to the call center. The patient is provided with health service in accordance with the patient information in their area. In case the patient cannot be diagnosed and treated in the area, the patient and insurance company is informed and redirected to the best health center. Meanwhile, patient’s relatives (wife/ husband, children) can benefit our escort services and are sent to their home country safely and economically upon request. We take the ultimate care of each case, track and manage separately avoiding errors.



Guidance to the Health Institutions

General and special information about the most proficient health institution in our service providing network is transmitted to insurance companies to have a diagnosis or pre-diagnosis in redirecting to health institutions. When such a request has been made, a report including the medical and executive features and pricing policy of the health institution is sent.


Medical Escort

FIRST ASSIST performs patient transfers in medical escort services with its technological equipment and well-educated staff. This service includes expected and unexpected medical and logistic services until the patient has been moved to the transfer destination. The medical information is transmitted to relevant establishments orally and in written.


Audit and Cost Controls

To categorize health institutions according to their order of preference, our physicians carry out annual inspections in health institutions which are visited frequently by our customers. Our expert staff evaluates all your processes in depth and provides high quality service in the best prices. Our treatment staff follows the treatment costs regularly in order to prevent extreme treatment costs. This tracking process starts with the cost anticipation of each case. Our insurance can pursue treatment items and costs, and respond to possible problems in time.


Medical Consultation

For insurances, medical information received from hospital and/ or physicians are transmitted to the FIRST ASSIST data base through our physicians and medical secretaries in this service. All the insurance companies we collaborate with in our own server network can instantly pursue their own customers.

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